Monday, June 18, 2012

KIARA 13.01 uploading now


KIARA 13.01 is about to be released.   The new version of my homemade Slax-based live CD contains Firefox 13.01, Thunderbird 13.01, and Seamonkey 2.10.1.

It also features the addition of Dropbox, the excellent networking and backup application, although it's not enabled to run in the default Slax root mode.  To run Dropbox requires creating a normal user account, something I've been intending to write documentation about for a long time now.

I've actually made several changes in KIARA geared toward running a normal user account, a reflection of how I've been using it lately.  If anybody wants information on using KIARA (or Slax, for that matter) as a normal user, leave a comment, and I'll get around to it that much sooner.

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