Sunday, June 10, 2012


After going back to a new copy of Slax 6.1.2 for my my main platform, KIARA 13.0 may be my best release.  It sports a great new version of Firefox, additional packages, and it seems to be extraordinarily stable.  Of all of my four old machines, there's one that previous KIARA versions have crashed on quite frequently, a Dell Optiplex GX280.  It hasn't crashed yet, and I'm using it right now.

But I needed to make one major change before people start really downloading.  Vim-gvim-7.2.018, the graphical version of VIM, was interfering with the function of visudo, the secure editing application that allows users to enable sudo for a normal account.  So I have removed gvim for the moment.

Future releases may see gvim restored.  It occurs to me that I'd like to see a different editor, probably nano used as the default text editor for visudo.  For years, Debian and Ubuntu have used nano as the text editor, and it's worked great.  Vim is not at all intuitive, and people shouldn't have to learn how to use a difficult new text editor just to enable sudo.   I believe that a simple addition to the startup scripts should allow me to make the change, but that's for the next release.

I also discovered that Tomas' Slax Drive is no longer enabled, so I added a link to information to the KIARA desktop.   There are other ways of storing data in the cloud for free.   I've been using Dropbox. 

Maybe I can add Dropbox to KIARA?  There are problems. I'll be thinking about this.   

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