Sunday, September 2, 2012

KIARA 15a (revised)

 KIARA is a live CD, based on  Slax 6.1.2, with added packages from Slackware 12.2 and, and continually upgraded to include the latest versions of web software from the Mozilla Project.

KIARA 15.0 features:

Firefox 15.0 (a web browser),
Thunderbird 15.0 (an email client),
and  Seamonkey 2.12 (a browser with a fullsuite of web applications.

The revised edition removes the KOffice package I had ported from Slackware 12.2, which was redundant, as it had already been included with the base modules of Slax. In it's place I've restored the installation files for the Opera 12 browser. The files are located on your bootable disk (cd or flash drive) at */slax/opera-12.02, and can be used to install and run a temporary (deleted on reboot) instance of the opera browser from KIARA.  Flashplayer has already been installed, and ought to be supported for Opera.

 Here's a slightly cleaned-up version of the the READ ME text file is contained in that directory:

  For your variety, and convenience, KIARA containes the Installer Files for OPERA 12.02 If you have enough RAM, you can run Opera from a running KIARA live system, complete with support for flashplayer. Once you know how, installing Opera to your RAMdisk takes less than a minute. 

 1. From the Desktop, click on "storage media". Open the partition or device containing your KIARA files 

 2. Open the */slax/opera-12.02 directory in Konqueror. 

 3. Open a terminal window by hitting the F4 Key. 

 4. In the terminal, type sh install and hit "Enter". The installation should begin. 

 5. Complete the installation by answering the questions at the prompts. Usually, defaults (hitting enter) will suffice. You can always try hitting "Enter" until the installation is completed. Remember, none of this is permanent; you can't screw up your hard drive.

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