Monday, January 9, 2012

KIARA 2.6 Released

Mozilla and Opera Web software upgraded Mozilla Firefox Web Browser9.01 Mozilla Thunderbird Email client 9.01 Mozilla Seamonkey Web Suite 2.6.1 Opera Web Suite 2.60 Opera must be installed after booting, the Desktop launcher will open a terminal window with the opera install script. For me, the installer works with defaults, so I hit "Enter" a few times and I'm done with the install. It just takes a few seconds, but you may need to go into more detail. After installing, the run command "opera" will launch the browser.
KIARA GNU/Linux is a full-featured general desktop live CD based on Slax 6.1.2, with packages ported from Slackware 12.2, and web software from Mozilla and Opera continually kept current.

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